Creative solutions for your innovation needs

We are an internationally awarded team
with extensive experience on innovation and value creation design,
brand identity and strategy, and on web and mobile applications.

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Us in a nutshell: creative solutions for your innovation needs

We combine creativity and competence on technology to help our customers succeed with innovation projects.


We are a group of talented professionals with multidisciplinary and international background. Each of us has more than ten years of experience in the development of innovative projects for small and large companies, organizations, and institutions. We joined our forces and competences with enthusiasm five years ago, and we collaborate to provide our customers with better support and value.


Our mission is empowering our customers' vision. We work together with our customers to help them implement their vision in innovative projects that capture their target audience, and communicate effectively, and create value. Our expertise is technology, which we tailor on our customers' needs: either by implementing "traditional" products, such as web sites and apps, or in a more unconventional way, such as with 360 degrees video.

Brand & visual design, web and mobile software, innovation design

Our service offer consists of software development, user-centered design, marketing, and communication.

Brand & visual design

We design brand identity and strategy for new or consolidated companies, organizations, brands, initiatives, and products.

Web applications

We develop web sites, e-commerce, web-based applications and platforms so that our customers can manage their on-line presence and audience.

Mobile software

We develop responsive and native mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, taking care of the data management infrastructure.

Innovative products

We help companies realize projects having high innovation content, such as new products, events and initiatives.

Business consulting

We help companies - especially in the early-stage stage - identify and execute sustainable business model and growth strategy.

Innovation workshops

We organize and realize company workshops to help organizations understand, leverage, and strengthen their innovation potential.

Some of our works

We collected a small selection of our customers to give you an example of our works.

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